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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 5PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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live from cleveland's newscenter, cleveland 19 news starts now. >> dan: here's a look at some of the top stories we continue
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a wrong-way crash on the interstate kills two. odot cameras capture the moment it happened. >> denise: also cleveland 19 news keeping a close eye on the radar tonight as rain gets ready to move into our area. despite the movement to make february johnny manziel-free, everyone is talking about johnny today including the cleveland browns. >> dan: that's because the front office hinted they would show johnny the front door. it will be a bit before cleveland is johnny-free. >> denise: our sports director tony tells us why. >> tony: there's a salary cap and nfl time line. as much as browns could make the ultimate statement and cut him loose on the spot, it will take awhile, about five weeks before they can make this move. technically next monday is the day when team can waive players. cutting johnny loose that day would cost them $4.5 million on
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they will wait until the new nfl year august 9th. obviously they would like to trade him and get a late round pick but what team will pick up johnny now. the browns are cutting him loose and moving on. sashi brown says we have been clear about expectations for our players on and off the field. johnny's continual involvement in incidents running counter to expectation undermines the hard work of his teammates and reputation of our organization. here is a key line. his status with our team will be addressed when permitted by league rules. we have no further comment at this time. that statement by sashi brown carries a couple of messages, one to johnny manziel and moving forward key veteran's that have their own zigs to make like alex mack and schwartz. that it's a new day in berea.
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trophy win and getting dumped by the browns it only took a few short years for johnny manziel to fall from grace. the quarterback's entire nfl career he has had multiple run ins with police. coming up at 6:00 i will walk you through many manziel moments off the field leading up to this pivotal point in his career. be the first to know when johnny goes down, gets dumped. download the free cleveland 19 news mobile app and get breaking push news push notifications and can you sign up for e-mail alerts on our web site on >> you can check the weather on that app, too. i use it all the time. what a day today. sunny. >> jeff: felt great. >> denise: my cared 51. is that true. >> jeff: your car is not wrong. still a different story. quite a bit of rain and wind coming in.
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your morning drive tomorrow as well. might be thunder west of cleveland tonight and pockets of heavy rain and 40mile-an-hour wind gusts and that's a bit of an issue and it will impact travel. check out the radar. the first batch of showers and thunder running through in dayton and toledo and defiance reporting a thunderstorm currently. temperatures are forecast to hold steady at first and then climb into the 50s towards morning and here you see the current numbers. note sandusky with wind off the lake. 49 in cleveland, it is 51 dover new philly and the latest future view model and how much rain you will see coming up at about 5:18. two people are dead following a crash on i-71 in cleveland early this morning. that accident happened on the
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before the west 150th exit. police say 22-year-old kenneth urbanek of lakewood struck one vehicle and drove head on into another killing a woman inside. urbanek also died. it just so happens odot has cameras that captured everything. video of the wrong-way driver hitting both cars. >> cleveland 19 dani carlson got the video today. people were already calling 911 before this happened knowing this would be trouble. >> that's right. today we obtain the five separate 911 calls about the specific incident as you guys mentioned. it happened here early this morning. as will you see in the odot recordings, it looks like urbanek drove quite sometime on i-71. >> you can see on this chilling odot video. police say the car on the right
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colbalt driving north on empty i-71 south. >> i told you he is going the wrong way. >> a guy driving on the highway the wrong way coming at me i heard. >> another camera shows when urbanek's car encounters traffic and turns around a bend and hits head up into lakesha's suburban. >> our faith will carry us through it. her aunt remembered a lively young woman who loved her 13-year-old daughter and would help anyone who needed it. >> lakesha loved life. she always mailed a joke about everything and didn't let small things get to her. >> she says her family is relying on her faith and comforted knowing one thing. >> i am thankful it was quick and she didn't suffer any pain. and that's all we can ask for.
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may have been a factor on the crash. we will not know that for sure until toxicology tests are completed and this is completed by the police department. dani carlson, cleveland 19. >> denise: thank you, dani. we now know what caused a house in elyria to go up in flames. clothing left on the bathroom floor was too close to a space heater and caught fire. this happened on 11th street. cindy redell was seriously hurt trying to recover her puppies. we are told she was released from the hospital today. cuyahoga county lost a legal challenge to recover millions of taxpayers spent by the ameritrust complex downtown. a judge ruled the county waited too long and exceeded a six year statue of limitations. >> the building and hotel and
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>> cleveland's mayor wants to put an income tax increase on the ballot and says a half percent hike from 2 to 2 1/2% is the only way to avert large-scale layoffs. paul orlousky looked into the taxes. we are one of the only high handful of high communities that have the tax. >> the income tax rate in brooklyn is 2.5%, the same rate mayor frank jackson wants in cleveland and same reason american greetings looked elsewhere. when they move to westlake they will take $3 million in taxes with it, a third of brooklyn's budget. >> raising income taxes is a seen as desperation and a commercial ghosttown. >> and warrensville height is not far behind at 2.6%. >> parma heights charges 3%. along pearl road empty
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at a briefing hall we asked the mayor if he feared a tax hike would prompt a backlash. >> i don't feel backlash if they can't get to work because the snow is piled high and we can't pick it up. >> and expand them and an additional $83 million the tax would generate. >> we can have a situation where we would be structurally balanced and ability to purchase additional capacity to have a better quality of life. >> the mayor was most energyized talking state cuts to local government. for cleveland $111 million from 2010. >> as a result of that, they are forcing the decision of tax increase on local communities. >> bragging that they don't increase tax. >> no. they don't increase tax. they take all our money. >> he called it a disaster.
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>> well, we continue to follow the water concerns in mahoning county. the village of seabring found troubling amounts of lead in its water. and that's prompting the people who live here to test their own water samples for safety. >> i will test the faucet that comes up to my kitchen sink can which should show me if i have a lead problem. >> since early last week, the village passed out more than 800 of these kits. another 1,000 were delivered today. the results may not be ready until the end of the week. meantime seabring has yet to find a qualified person to operate the seabring water plant. officials with the ohio e.p.a. revoked the former manager's permit and since then put two employees on paid leave for their handling of the water crisis. >> the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign now shifts to new hampshire following last night's iowa's caucuses and
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iowa voters handed a huge victory to ted cruz over republican frontrunner donald trump. the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders was neck-and-neck. votes still counted today. around 5:30, cleveland 19 will go live to iowa for the latest on the caucus results. >> denise: let's talk about stocks. they stumbled at the beginning of trade. s&p 500 was down 1%. oil dove 5%. nearly $30 a barrel and dow was down 300 points for the day. apple is the most valuable company on the stock market. but for a brief time monday google's parent company alphabet held the title. alphabet made big gains revealing secretive projects. they lost $3.6 billion investing in moon shot initiatives nest
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if you have not gotten your w-2 yet, you should asking your boss. yesterday was the deadline to provide all workers with the tax form. if you don't get one this week you can always contact the i.r.s. >> dan: speaking of taxes it is an identity theft scam to keep you from being taken. somebody e-mailing you telling you will be arrested because you have not paid your taxes. the government and federal trade commission launched a brand new web site trying to help in the battle against identity theft. really great web site and user-friendly especially if you have been taken by an identity thief. you click on it and sign in and tell them what happened and they get you a recovery plan and tell you how to get out of the mess you have gotten in. one of the features i like about the web site, you can actually look at some of the other tips they give and you scams there
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you can get warning signs of identity theft and withdrawals from your bank account you can't explain and you don't get your bills or other mail and your credit card bills stops showing up at your place and merchant stores begin stop accepting your checks. it is identity useful web site. denise. >> denise: all eyes on these guys headed to super bowl 50. we are comparing quarterbacks coming up next. six more weeks of what? punxsutawney phil and buck have different predictions today. >> denise: our view of the day. i have to go with punxsutawney phil. this was taken in my yard, a little tulip trying to break
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live from cleveland's newscenter driven by don joseph toyota in kent this is cleveland 19 news. >> denise: we are counting down to superbowl sunday and we are taking a closer look at quarterbacks, peyton manning and cam newton. >> dan: both are tremendously talented. teri okita with the match up. cam newton is brash, bold and unique style. fans of the 26-year-old love his celebrations. detractors claim he is a showboat. newton is unapologetic. >> from being labeled this
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for me, i have always kind of viewed things differently and played things differently not in a pretty typical way. 6'5", 245 pounds built like a linebacker and moves like a running back, a deadly combination for defenses. >> hopefully, i get the better end of the stick on sunday. >> this is newton's first superbowl and peyton manning's fourth and challenging season for the 18 year veteran. >> mid-season manning benched for poor plays and injuries. now labeled the comeback kid. >> different challenges and felt i had a piece of it the whole time. >> a month away from age 40 manning hasn't decided if he will hang up his cleats and will have to deal with a possible nfl investigation linking him to a hugh man growth hormone. >> i welcome that investigation
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will find, a big fat nothing. >> despite different styles there's a mutual respect and shared love of the game and talent few others will know. >> reporter: in san francisco, teri okita, cleveland 19. >> dan: obviously, you can cleveland 19. peyton manning and denver broncos at 6:30. after 16 years on the sideline mountain dew is returning to the superbowl ad game and its commercial could have you scratching your head a bit. we will tell you why coming up in the next half hour. >> denise: the nation's most popular prognosticator brought good news this groundhog day. >> there is no shadow to be cast. an early spring is my forecast! [ laughter ] >> jeff: he looks excited. >> denise: members of punxsutawney phil top hat inner
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forecast at sunrise this morning. phil's prediction is decided ahead of time by the group on gobbler's knob and records going to 1887 has phil predicting winter 102 times and forecasting an early spring only 17 times. ohio's own buckeye chuck predicted six more weeks of winter this morning in marion. chuck! chuck predicted an early st. patrick in the last five years. his accuracy rating is 75%. buckeye chuck was ohio's official state groundhog in 1979. going with phil today. >> jeff: let's go with phil. >> denise: tulips are coming up. i know they can go back down. >> dan: not a fan never a fan. >> jeff: next week looks cold. it feels like spring out there now and we have rain coming in. look at the feazel roof camera, cloudy sky. we are dry at the moment and
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7:00 in a few hours' time and rain will pick up later this evening as well as the wind. let's go to the graphics and show you the wind. we have a southeast wind at 16 in cleveland. we are starting to gust now over 25. here is our storm. blizzard conditions from northern michigan here through wisconsin, to the minneapolis area, sioux city, iowa and on the warm side of things, the rain and even thunder. we have severe weather going on in the southeast part of the country. it will be rain and perhaps a little thunder for us. as this big system approaches and associated cold front, winds will be increasing. look at the warmth. >> around 60 and 66 evansville and colder stuff not until tonight. >> and more likely by 10:00 and 1 a.m. and some of the rain
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a heads up into early wednesday morning and looks like 7:00 in the morning south and east of cleveland. the best threat of rain. 49 at 7:00 a.m., temperature very warm this time of year. rain and thunder and winds gusting over 40. akron-canton upper 40s to near 50 by 7:00 a.m. rain and thunder for you. 10:00 a.m. looks like the bulk of the rain will be over and this is mainly a morning thing as a matter of fact. we even see sunshine tomorrow. it will be warm. what are we talking here future view rainfall at least a half inch. some spots approaching an inch of rain. this is the total from this. mansfield over 3/4 inch and heads up for the morning drive. i have it at a 5. downtown look what the model has mid-50s and it is a wind driven rain in the morning.
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here. south to southwest wind gusting over 30. still windy tomorrow night and dropping in the low 30s. thursday some flurries and light lake-effect snow perhaps east of cleveland. 32 thursday. friday mostly cloudy and 35. weekend on saturday afternoon could feature light rain-snow mix there. not a big deal saturday night and superbowl sunday 44 mild. it does look like it turns colder through next week. stay tuned. denise. >> all right, jeff. thank you. coming up next on cleveland 19 news pay less for coffee. we will show you how to cut the
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>> denise: coffee drinkers
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up. the coffee bean starbucks buys are 33% cheaper it doesn't mean we will pay less for frappuccino. you can cut your coffee budget without cutting the caffeine buzz. first, brew at home. whole beans tend to be cheaper than ground coffee and buy in bulk for bigger savings. if you can't give up the daily coffee shop ritual look into the loyalty programs. they get free coffee refills and many places offer a small cup. >> dan: how about a free bagel to go with the coffee to celebrate 33 years in business. free bagels to customers. you do have to have a coupon to get the bagels and sign occupy brewinger's web site. >> cool. radar.
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toledo, thunder with the batch and raining ottawa and lake erie islands and getting worse as the
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>> denise: well, the first votes have been cast for the race for president and the state of iowa delivered quit a few surprises. >> dan: ryan nobles is our guru in iowa with results with winners and maybe a little bit of the losers. >> reporter: yeah, dan, i know you spent a lot of time in iowa and will you admit it was a crazy night from the razor thin margin in the democratic race and ted cruz race and surge of marco rubio and most especially the stunning defeat of donald trump.
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showdown in new hampshire. as morning dawned in new hampshire presidential candidates were ready to move on from iowa. >> i am so thrilled i am coming to new hampshire after winning iowa! >> reporter: the iowa democratic party declared hillary clinton the winner after vote totals show her leading bernie sanders by less than 1 percentage point. clinton hopes a victory builds momentum to break into sanders lead in new hampshire. on the republican side a three-man race is emerging headlined by ted cruz who defied expectations and won iowa despite polls showing donald trump ahead. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> cruz' margin of victory was slim and so was marco rubio. the florida senator is laying the ground work to become the alternative to cruz and trump. >> can i grow the conservatives.
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who have not voted for us before. >> reporter: while cruz and rubio are feeling confident donald trump is not going away leading polls in new hampshire and during a tweet he warned he is not finished yet, a promise he made to voters monday night. >> we have a poll, 28 points ahead. new hampshire, we love new hampshire and we love south carolina. >> reporter: every candidate staking ground as the race for president is just getting started. >> reporter: there's a lot made about marco rubio's attempt to consolidate support and three governors didn't spend much time in iowa in new hampshire, john kasich, chris christie and jeb bush. their hoping to create a new narrative coming out of this race when the new hampshire folks go to vote next tuesday. dan and denise. >> dan: it is not often a
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sounds like a victory speech. i want to talk about donald trump, though. i wonder how much of this was, when you answer the phone and people are taking polls it is easy to say i support trump and i will vote for donald trump. but when it came time to step forward, stand up and put your name in the box, how many people backed away and said i can't see trump being president. do you think that had an impact last night? >> reporter: we are at a rubio rally sunday and we talked to a couple bullish on trump and heard marco rubio speak and kinda changed their minds. as you know, dan, people in iowa wait until the last minute to make a final decision. what folks on the ground are saying, it was an enormous difference in the organization and the cruz campaign and organization on the trump campaign. trump tried to come into iowa
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campaign hallmarked by big rallies and try to get as much earned media as much as possible and did small ball. he did a lot of events and shook a lot of hands and talked to a lot of people and made sure he made contact with each of the voters and got them to the caucus sites on monday night and that was the reality of it. there was a lot of people who would answer the phone and support trump and how many would show up. it was clear last night the supporters of cruz and rubio outperformed what the polls were telling us. >> denise: how about supporters for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. we have never seen a race like this in iowa. it was historic. now what? i know they will be on cnn tomorrow night, right? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the first time they will have a town hall just sanders and clinton and martin o'malley bowing out last night. the margin between the two is incredible.
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the numbers still coming in. in fact, some of the caucus they had to actually flip a coin to decide who would get the majority of the delegates because the race was so close. the question is was it enough for bernie sanders? he really needed a significant victory here i think to gain the momentum necessary to break into the leads in the states beyond new hampshire and no doubt sanders will raise a lot of money. if he can create a bigger margin of victory than what's expected in new hampshire is interesting. we know for sure this won't be handed to hillary clinton anymore. she will have to earn every single delegate in this democratic nomination. >> denise: absolutely ryan. thank you. we will see you tomorrow. >> dan: from iowa to new hampshire the granite state is a different challenge all together. new hampshire voters are viewed as more moderate and less religious as iowans and every candidate is there today. a preview of new hampshire is
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>> denise: the candidates left iowa just in time. look at this. most of the state is under a blizzard warning. can you see what drivers are dealing with there. a lot of cars and trucks on the side of the road. can't deal with all that ice. the visibility down to almost nothing. the plows are having a tough time keeping up with the snow. >> dan: that would have had a major impact. 12 hours. if that showed up 12 hours earlier iowa caucuses get derailed. >> this morning blizzard-like conditions still and warm side of the system and we will not get much of that at all. thursday. we have an alert for rain and very windy conditions tonight. well. it is a high risk. after 7:00 more likely later this evening and overnight 40mile-an-hour wind gusts with this thing.
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up, early morning commute tomorrow we will feature wet roads. first waves of rain and thunder reported in toledo and most lifting northeast. there's another batch southwest of mansfield. you get the idea. the moisture is moving in right now. an alert i showed you for the rain and windy weather into tomorrow morning and afternoon tomorrow we dry out. it will be a colder thursday out there. look at the temperatures now. 49 cleveland. akron 49 and 39 these temperatures will be steady at first and then climbing towards morning. 48 at 8:00. 48 at 11:00 and raining at that time, 2:00 in the morning. very windy. as we get to 8 a.m. tomorrow morning we could be in the 50s and that will be the high about 54 and morning rain and still windy.
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during the afternoon. morning rain in akron-canton otherwise mostly cloudy and 51. wind gusts to 30. check out the planner 49 at 7:00 a.m., 53 at lunch and we will drop later in the afternoon with a partly cloudy sky. 7-day focus coming up in a few minutes. dan. >> dan: thank you. something we pride ourselves on. cleveland is an area of world class health care. >> denise: many deaths are preventible and local nurses are stepping up. sia nyorkor has the story. >> reporter: the three leading causes of infant mortality in ohio are prematurity, birth defects and sleep-related deaths and health care experts say they are committed to tackling this issue head on. >> the nurses at fair view hospital say kathleen's parents are doing things the correct way. >> the baby is wrapped perfectly. >> cleveland nurses are part of
5:33 pm
mortality and starting with infant sleep space is crucial. >> we want to make sure they have a crib at home or pack and play that doesn't have bumpers or fluffy stuff. we want a bare naked crib. >> according to the ohio department of health the buckeye state was 45 out of 50 in infant mortality meaning every babies per 1,000 die before turning one. city leaders and nonprofit groups are joining together to fight the statistic saying the problem should be treated like an emergency. health care professionals believe with education they can bring the rate down. they are starting the conversations before the baby is born and handing out these safe sleep sacks to parents. >> we give every patient one. to the homeless, so the infant is warm. >> reporter: the goal is to make sure every baby born at a chance at life.
5:34 pm
mortalities obviously. some again, aren't preventible because of genetics. i would like to see those preventible ones just disappear. >> reporter: ohio's infant mortality rate went down between 2013 and 2014. but it is still above the national level. local leaders say if the entire community steps it up we can prevent many of those deaths. back to you. >> denise: all right, sia, thank you. a cincinnati police officer went above and beyond the call of duty when he found a 2-year-old boy wandering the street barefoot. the officer bought a coat, pants, shoes and fresh diapers and a picture on facebook shows the officer lying on the ground trying to help the boy take a nap. his mother was arrested for child abuse. the little boy is now staying with a relative. >> that's good work. >> denise: a lot of good cops do stuff out there every day no one sees.
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candidates are in new hampshire building on the pressure of iowa.
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now some traffic news. this is a warning for drivers tomorrow night in downtown cleveland. odot is temporarily closing ontario street. the shutdown is for the incredible bridge project. crews need to remove decking
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will be closed both directions between carnegie and east 9th street from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. tomorrow and thursday. detours signs will be posted. >> denise: we want to take a live look at traffic right now. odot is telling us no major accidents. look at that. smooth sailing from the cold storage cam looking good. clear skies. first alert traffic on cleveland 19 news is sponsored by ford. >> denise: more fallout from campaign 2016. we talked about iowa earlier. now it is all about new hampshire. >> nearly all the candidates after catching overnight flights from iowa and another close contest is expected. danielle nottingham has the latest. >> ted cruz greeted an enthusiastic crowd. >> it is to be decided by grassroots and men and women in
5:38 pm
he wants to rally as much ground support as they pulled off in iowa. >> were you surprised you won in iowa? >> no. i wasn't surprised. i was eck static ted cruz is the guy we have been praying for since ronald reagan >> reporter: marco rubio is using himself to position as mainstream republican candidate and one to clinch the general election. >> we need to unify the conservative movement and republican party and i can do that better than anyone running >> reporter: cruz is riding high off his win, the democrats have to duke it out in new hampshire. hillary clinton narrowly defeated bernie sanders and the closest iowa democratic caucus in history. >> we are in a fight to the finish. about whether or not we will build on the progress we have made or watch it get ripped away. >> we are in this together. >> bernie sanders called this a political revolution and plans
5:39 pm
>> reporter: danielle nottingham, wyndham, new hampshire >> denise: be sure to stay with cleveland 19 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. can you find the latest updates on, facebook or twitter >> dan: have a question for you. would you buy before you try? taco bell is serving up a secret
5:40 pm
>> denise: the superbowl is sunday and we are getting a sneak peek at a big bucks commercial and this ad from mountain dew leaves you scratching your head. the ad shows some kind of creature, a mix of a baby, monkey and horse and some sort of space alien. mountain dew isn't saying what this means and the commercial isn't cheap it costs $5 million
5:41 pm
>> dan: what? >> denise: for real >> dan: i am so confused >> denise: pizza hut is getting in on all the excitement for the superbowl this sunday >> dan: the restaurant chain is offering a golden opportunity for customers and i am talking about the 24 karat kind of pizza hut is planning to sprinkle $100 edible gold savings on top of its stuffed garlic knots pizza customers in ohio and six other states could win one of the 50 golden pizzas with a $150 gift card. >> that's nice. >> dan: scrape it off. don't eat it. >> taco bell sent out a tweet promising the biggest launch to date. the performed chain isn't saying what it is. can you preorder whatever the menu item is for 2.99 on the web site and pick it up saturday. the myths reitem will be
5:42 pm
commercial during saturday. >> i don't like refried beans. >> you get what they give you. >> i will go with bacon. you heard it here first. bacon. jeff would eat that. >> jeff: i like the pizza give me a pepperoni pizza and some gold flakes. all right. let's look at the 7-day. tomorrow is a warm day with the front coming through. we have rain in the morning. overnight tomorrow morning we will have rain around and plan on that for the morning drive. windy and 54 and drop tomorrow night and down to 32. thursday is a cold and noticeably colder day in the 50s cloudy sky and flurries and light lake-effect snow east of cleveland. cloudy and mostly 35 and over the weekend could be a light rain-snow mix saturday afternoon and the bulk of the weekend is looking dry. 40 saturday.
5:43 pm
sunday 44. monday light snow, 35. there are signs next week will be quite a bit colder. it will feel more like a february week next week and get a hint of it in the 20s tuesday. snow showers and download the first alert weather app for your forecast details and 10 day forecast and customize it to your location.
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now it's time for "the buzz" sponsored by national carpet mill outlet >> dan: let's talk more superbowl. buzz wiser is doing something it hasn't done getting help from helen mirren. >> she stars in this superbowl spot hailing insults of people who drive under the influence. >> if you drive drunk you are short sighted utterly useless human form of pollution a dog in a ward deserving selfless coward f. your brain was donated to
5:45 pm
so stop it. >> last time budweiser did an anti-drunk driving drunk driving ad was in 2015. the clydesdales will return for the 27th time. >> your ex-wife nicole kidman has been killed. >> cuba gooding , jr. and sha wimmer will hit the small screen to re-create the trial of the century. gooding stars as o.j. since in american crime story, the people vo.j. simpson. the show is a spinoff from the american horror story franchise and each focus on a different crime beginning with the 1995o.j. simpson trial. last week we introduced you to nate. the dog was deemed unadoptable
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clooney scooped him up for a gift for his parents who live in kentucky. the actor revealed his mom and dad lost their 10-year-old terrier which left a hole in their heart and now clooney says nate is the love of their lives >> dan: nice. very nice. >> can you call him johnny be gone. coming up at 6:00 manziel's
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live from cleveland's newscenter cleveland 19 news starts now >> mark: okay. the writing is on the wall. soon we will say bye, bye johnny >> romona: that's right. we begin with tony zarrella and some strong words coming out of berea >> tony: yeah, this was a strong statement by sashi brown vice president of football ops and it tells us a few things
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